Who We Are/Contacting Us

Zach's Story is a Suzanne Crotty project in affiliation with Susan Schulman.

Suzanne Crotty
Zach's death traumatized his parents, Suzanne and Mark Crotty, who continue to grieve for their son. But the Crottys are determined to bring about changes -- to increase awareness of the opiod epidemic, to support laws aimed at reducing the number of drugs that end up in the hands of addicts, and to, ultimately, reduce the number of young people who become addicted to and die from prescription painkillers.

Susan Schulman
Susan Schulman is a reporter for The Buffalo News, who met Suzanne and Mark Crotty while researching a series of newspaper articles, "Rx for Danger," that outlines the prescription drug epidemic in Western New York.  She has remained in contact with the Crottys after the articles were published, continuing to report on their efforts to address the opiod epidemic, and remains committed to the belief that increasing the public understanding of the epidemic will help save lives.

You can contact us by emailing zacharycrottystory@gmail.com.
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